Pizza Diet Helps Man Lose 24 Pounds!

Matt McClellan promotes the Pizza Diet.

Do you think you could eat ONLY pizza every single day in an effort to lose weight?  Why of course you could!  This is the best diet most have heard of yet!   And this diet is mainly the best because it has been proven that it really works.  Well, one man has found results.  Matt McClellan lost 24 pounds and five inches off his waistline with a diet of pizza and exercise.  While McClellan owns a pizzeria, it is not his intention to promote pizza as health food, so he can get more pizza sells, but because he really believes in his “program.”

He told ABC, “Pizza is not junk food. We just need to eat it different[ly]. We’re trained to eat it wrong — we’re trained to eat a whole large pizza at midnight with a two liter of soda and fall asleep.”  You just thought about the last pizza you ate didn’t you?  That two liter or 20 ounces of Mountain Dew just flashed before your eyes didn’t it?  Well, just reprogram with McClellan, who is currently on a 30-day bike tour from Florida to New York City’s Time Square, and lose the weight.

Check him out.

-J.C. Brooks

2 thoughts on “Pizza Diet Helps Man Lose 24 Pounds!”

  1. i can go for this.. weight loss is just a matter of calories in and calories burned.. so if you are burning more than you take should lose weight.. so if you plan to eat and not exercise.. then you will not lose weight..makes perfect sense.. what does not make sense is the fact that he is calling this a that is belly ripping hilarious..

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