Is E-Mail Making Society Less People-Friendly?

Have you noticed that people are becoming more and more cynical, stoic and just … just… grimy all of a sudden?  There used to be a time when people had better social skills and manners.  They didn’t cut you off in traffic, swerve into your lane while yapping on their cell phone, then flip you the middle finger during a text.  Well, yet another study has surfaced that gives perspective to what is really going on out there.  Time magazine reported a study by Duke University that showed that between 1985 and 2004, “Americans had one-third fewer friends and confidants than they did two decades ago.”

Time also reported that a recent  University of Michigan study found that “college students today have significantly less empathy — the ability to understand and share the feelings of another — than students of generations past.”  The reason?  They found that  psychologists speculate that the society has become too dependent “on digital communication and other forms of new media.”  Do you agree?  You should.  Remember when people used to meet for a date instead of having their most intimate social interaction (the getting to know each other process) in person?  Now the whole thing goes down online.

Facebook and MySpace has singlehandedly taken the intimacy out of the interactions between friends and reduced them to progress reports, picture albums, and chats that have nothing to do with a phone.  With social networking, you don’t even have to call a friend to invite them out, you send them an “event” notice.  What are we becoming?  Are we falling prey to 3-D movies, HD, Blue-Ray, social networking and video conferencing to live some sort of virtual life?  We all may as well get accounts at Second Life and call it a day.

Read more here about where our lives could be going while I step outside, speak to someone passing by on the street, make a phone call from my landline, write a letter and take it to the post office.

-J.C. Brooks

3 thoughts on “Is E-Mail Making Society Less People-Friendly?”

  1. whatever, people kill me trying to rationalize the ills of society off on anything.. technology does not make people starts at home. possibly “home” is rude, dysfunctional and ill prepared for socialization..

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