Chicago Has The Most Heroin Users

What happens exactly when your city holds the title of most heroin users?  Do you attract more tourists?  Do you get more money for your schools?  Does the government call a state of emergency and come in and jail most of the heroin users and dealers?  No!  None of this happens even when your city is the former home of the President of the United States.  This is a stigma that no city should take sitting down.  Raise your hand if you think that Chicago will be proactive and call the government for a bailout to help get a hold on the amount of heroin that is obviously flowing into the city?

Nope! Not in this world. According to CBS, the study by researchers at Roosevelt University’s Illinois Consortium on Drug Policy showed that “in Chicago and its suburbs, more people visit hospital emergency rooms with problems related to heroin than in any other major metropolitan area in the U.S.”  Maybe the study should say, “Chicago has more heroin users that use the ER when they have adverse reactions to the drug.”  But, for substance sake, the study does go on to substantiate their claim that Chicago has more heroin users across ethnicity, gender, and  age in Emergency rooms, arrests, and deaths than any other city.

Another result found in their study is “that heroin users are more white, more female, and much younger than is the common perception” and “Heroin is also the most common illegal substance for which Illinoisans seek public treatment – more prevalent than cocaine and marijuana – and is second only to alcohol.”  Sounds like Chicago is in a heroin state of emergency right?  So let’s see what the city does with this alarming report.

Read here for more details of this disturbing study.

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