South Carolina Gets First Black Mayor

The First Black Mayor in South Carolina, Steve Benjamin.

South Carolina is nearly the home of the confederate flag, yet the city of Columbia will see its FIRST Black mayor ever.  Steve Benjamin is poised to take over at the helm tomorrow.  He will soon be in the trenches of the old regime’s policies that will have him more entrenched in the muck than President Obama.  Benjamin takes over as the first African American to sit in the seat, but not only that, he will be the first in the chair behind policy that has not seen any changes in 20 years.  That’s right! 20!  They have had the same mayor for 20 years and Benjamin will be handed the reigns, but surely with plenty of challenges ahead.

The same worry is there we had for President Obama, but with less security.  The state of South Carolina has never seated a black mayor in any city in the state and for Benjamin to be the first?  Well, it just sounds like there’s going to be some smoke in the city before it’s all over.  But, enough with the foreboding predictions, we wish the man well.  There’s only been one racist spray painting since his campaign and we’ll let you read about the other incident here.

Congratulations Benjamin!  Be careful out there!

-J.C. Brooks

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