Man Attempts to Sell Baby at Walmart Gets Beat Down!

Patrick Fousek, 38, and Samantha Tomasini, 20, baby sellers.

Patrick Fousek, 38, won’t be trying to sell anymore babies anytime soon.  According to CBS, the animal was in the Walmart parking lot in Salinas, Ca. (hold on to your seat right here) trying to sell his baby for $25.  The simpleton also had an accomplice, the baby’s mother, Samantha Tomasini,20.  The two of them were trying desperately to sell their infant daughter to two women in the parking lot who took it as a joke…but called 911 just in case.

The two were right to call the authorities because the stupidly orchestrated plan of the two (possible) crack heads was thwarted immediately and it was very real.  Once police apprehended the two, Fousek was being brought in like everyone else and he thought he was fine until the other inmates found out what they brought him in for.

You see the picture above…well that’s a before shot.  Read the rest of the story here.

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