GE CEO Passes Out During Biden Speech

Joe Biden at podium while GE CEO Jim Campbell (far right) collapses.

Vice President Joe Biden was attending some sort of rally for GE when the CEO and President of GE, Jim Campbell, hits the floor with a loud thud that only the video can do justice.  The entire panel was sitting on a raised makeshift stage in a warehouse where they make dishwashers.  The speech was moving along but obviously not riveting.

You look at the video and tell us whether he fell asleep or not because they were able to revive him quickly.   They said it was quite steamy in the warehouse-like place where they were and he could’ve lost consciousness for a moment.  But, it really does appear that the VP could’ve made it a little more exciting for him.

Check it out.

2 thoughts on “GE CEO Passes Out During Biden Speech”

  1. I think he passed out..he was trying not to though..LOL..rolling like a weeble wobble..

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