Video: Weed School Helps Entrepreneurs with Legal Drug Sells


An institute in San Diego is offering the chance of a lifetime to the San Diego’s local “weed distributing professionals”…and other entrepreneurs.  The Legal Cannabis Institute is teaching classes that will help you start your own “legal” weed distribution center.  After all, in this recession, we need every entrepreneurial opportunity we can find.

The institute was founded by Nicole Scott and it offers 11 classes that cover growing, cooking and comparing cannabis as well as three law classes. She started the school to help make sense of the cannabis laws on marijuana because there are none and they are currently working with “the city, state and the county to enact ordinances that we can all live with.”

Watch CNN’s report on the Institute.  Interesting stuff that might make you change your profession or get on the legal side of the your operation.

-J.C. Brooks

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