Video: Best Performance at the 2010 BET Awards Goes To…

Chris Brown salutes Michael Jackson at the BET Awards 2010.

There’s a number of people you may have had on your mind when Jermaine Jackson came to the mic hinting that there would be a performance in honor of his brother, the late great Michael Jackson.  The first person that comes to mind is Usher.  But doing it with Chris Brown served to be the winning performance of the evening.

When he broke down during “Man in the Mirror” it was evident that not only the death of his longtime idol circulated through his head, but also his own life and what he has been through.  He’s probably going to enjoy a nice embrace from the industry and his fans for this one.

Check him out!

2 thoughts on “Video: Best Performance at the 2010 BET Awards Goes To…”

  1. MJ is definitely the king. Whenever i listen his records i feel as he is still alive. For sure one of the best music superstars ever been born!

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