Mass. Elementary Gives Condoms to Students


At Veterans Memorial School in the Provincetown school district of Massachusetts, the children, as young as First grade, are allowed to go and get condoms from the school nurse as long as they receive a pamphlet of information about the condoms and their function.  But, the parents and Governor of Massachusetts, Patrick Deval, say that five-years old and up is incredibly too young to offer such a program.  Deval has asked that they revise their policy to exclude children this young.

The superintendent for Provincetown, Beth Singer, says that she would rather a parent tell their child they can’t have sex, rather than tell them they can’t have a condom.  The parents are not allowed to opt out of this program, so if a child comes to the nurse for condoms there is no “paper trail.”  The child does get a pamphlet, but no parent or adult is alerted.  This sounds like the thinking that goes on in the house where parents smoke weed with their children.  They would rather they get the weed from them and smoke with them than they get it from strangers.

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