Is Suicide New Epidemic with BP Oil Leak?


Many never considered that the fishermen and other business owners affected by the oil leak in the Gulf would consider suicide because of the loss of work and resources.  But one fisherman has already taken his own life from the deep depression he slipped into with his loss of wages and having to take on the position with BP to help with the clean-up (that he had to jump through hoops to get), according to a story in the Los Angeles Times.

William Allen “Rookie” Kruse, 55, went fishing for marlin and red snapper on $5,000 fishing trips before the oil leak.  Now all that has stopped and his wife Tracy’s seafood business has been derailed.  Now with the sudden loss of her husband, who knows the future of her business.

Others in Kruse’s community of Foley, Al., are also feeling the extreme pressure of the leak.  Linda Abston, who is a family friend of the Kruse family came by their home when she found out. She owns the  Cut N Up hair salon. Once the leak set in all five of her employees left to “sell t-shirts or cut hair in Pensacola and Tuscaloosa, Ala.” Now Abston has a $6,000 monthly lease to pay alone.

The repercussions of the oil leak on a social level are just beginning.  Read the Kruse story here.

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