Atlanta’s City Workers Outraged Over Lack of Pay

Atlanta’s city workers hit the streets in full force because of the same ol’ story that a lot of cities throughout America are telling these days; the stories of budget problems, furloughs and job loss.  In Atlanta, the story is that some folks got a pay raise, but a lot of other folks didn’t. An annual raise was given to public safety officers, but not given to others like those in sanitation and those behind the desks were left out.

The unions are standing with the people and calling for “mass demonstrations” over the pay raise issue.  The mayor of Atlanta, Kasim Reed, said that had his government not been run well a lot more people would be out of a job.  He says the city council attacked his budget and expanded pensions to $125 million which messed everything up. 

But essentially, he’s under fire for the annual raises that firefighters and police officers were able to receive and he gave everyone else a one-time payment of $300 and told them to live it up at the dollar store. (loosely translated)

Check out the controversy.

-J.C. Brooks

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