Orrin Hatch Wants the Unemployed Drug Tested

Orrin Hatch (Utah-R.)

Utah is crazy about the idea their senator, Orrin Hatch, has come up with to begin drug testing the unemployed.  Well, that is not an idea that Barbara Mikulski of Maryland thinks is anything more than “petty and punitive.”  But, this isn’t the first time this idea has been introduced and it is a way, according to Hatch, to keep the money that is supposed to help families out of the hands of drug dealers. 

The legislation would help the deficit of states as well as the federal government’s.  The monies that Hatch claims to be protecting are not only coming from the unemployed, he wants those that are receiving any type of state assistance to have to submit to a drug test.  The idea of drug testing seems a bit intrusive, exploitive and essentially, sinister, but, you have to admit, there is some remnant of logic in it.

But, what if unemployment has driven the person to drugs, and more than likely, marijuana.   That could happen right?  According to the Huffington Post, in Michigan, 10 years ago, three welfare offices implemented mandatory testing and out of 258, only 21 tested positive for illicit substances. And everyone tested positive for maryjane except three.  Is this going to turn into another debate over the type of drug and how much money you wil receive?  The laws are still sending those who choose to sale crack to jail a far longer time than those who sale cocaine.  Will this become like that?  If you get caught with alcohol blood levels higher than allowed, you’re ok.  But if it’s marijuana in your system you’re cut off.

Hatch is willing to be tested himself. Although he paused when thinking about it.  He said he doesn’t know anyone in Congress that is on welfare, but “that depends on one’s definition of welfare.”  And the definition IS that their check is cashed because we approve them to work for us and we pay them.  Welfare, right?  Read more about this issue here and let us know what you think?

-J.C. Brooks

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