Video: Flash Mob for LeBron James Must Work

If LeBron was in the Tower City Mall in downtown Cleveland a few days ago, he would’ve been touched.  By now he has to have seen the flash mob of children that came out  in honor of him.  They danced to “I need A Hero” by Bonnie Tyler.  It’s obvious the crowd is thoroughly enjoying the festivities and the children have peppered the dance with signs that read, “LeBron is My Hero” and”We Want More LeBron”. 

They also had some of the kids in shirts that said “Loyalty” and “Family” on them.  The flash mob is a moving display to anyone caught up in one, so imagine if it was dedicated to you.  This has got to work on LeBron’s heart strings a little bit, right?  Ohio is his first love.  He can’t possibly leave now, right?  But, he’ll probably see right through the whole “using the little kids” bit and announce his move.  But, Ohio is hoping and praying this will work.

Check it out.

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