South African Doctor Invents Anti-Rape “Teeth” Condom

Dr. Sonnet Ehler with her teeth-filled condom Rape-aXe.

Throughout Africa, rape has become a major threat to all women.  The communities of South Africa  have been quite vocal on the subject and now their prayers have been answered. The latest invention by a South African doctor may be the answer they have been looking for.  South African doctor, Dr. Sonnet Ehlers had a horrific experience some 40 years ago when a patient came in that had been raped and left within and inch of her life.  She explained the woman as a “living corpse”.  From then on, she’s been trying to save other people’ from such an experience.

According to CNN, Dr. Ehlers came up with a female condom based on the remark that the woman made when she was treating her.  She said, “If only I had teeth down there.”  That incident happened 40 years ago and now  Rape-aXe is here.  Wow!  What a name.  But, the problem with this is the locking down on the man’s penis that would deter a woman from buying the condom.  If she knows that he’s trapped in her once he gets in, she would not want to be bound to this violent person like that.  It would make matters worse.

Maybe this contraption would work for someone hanging out at the World Cup (where she’s been distributing it) or another event that has a lot of security around.  But realistically, where is the police when things like this happen? I’d have to give her an E for effort, but a thumbs down.  Check out what others have had to say here.

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