Video: Aaron McGruder Tries to ‘Out’ Tyler Perry?

Aaron McGruder has always used his cartoon, The Boondocks, as an edgy way to express the African American experience in America through the eyes of two children.  Between two little boys, a militant and the other a hip hop wanna be gangsta, and their grandfather, McGruder expresses all the extremes of black rationale on current events and social disorders he feels is his duty to put under the microscope.

Apparently, his latest criticism is focused on Winston Jerome, who bears an uncanny likeness to Tyler Perry.  I could be wrong, but you be the judge.  This episode of Boondocks aired recently and began with a play that seemed to remind me of a Madea play for some reason.  But, later shows the behind the scenes look at the operation of the plays and Jerome’s preference for buff “light-skinned” black men in his plays and movies. 

There are some black men, like McGruder, that feel uncomfortable and criticize Tyler Perry for putting on a dress to gain his success.  But, he is not the first and won’t be the last.  Flip Wilson’s Geraldine really set the stage for black comedians to play dress up and get paid handsomely for it.  No one can forget Martin’s Shananae anytime soon, yet we haven’t heard the backlash from either.  But, maybe the reason lies in the fact that they never talked religion.  Who knows!  But McGruder steps over and into the beyond to find an answer by testing the waters of his theory by linking religion and Jerome’s sexuality.

Check it out.

-J.C. Brooks

5 thoughts on “Video: Aaron McGruder Tries to ‘Out’ Tyler Perry?”

  1. I have to say I only watched this particular episode because I heard alot of folks talking about it. I dont care for the Boondocks,however I did not find that episode funny at all. And for McGruder to use religion the way that it was used I find offensive. I know it’s comedy and I am one that can find humor is lots of things, but that just was insulting to Tyler. We all know who McGruder was mocking. No one knows for a fact that Tyler Perry is gay. And if he is, SO WHAT? That man does plenty good and I’m sure he laughs at you on his way to the bank. Now laugh at that!

  2. @Shonna, shut up! There are people out here killing, sinning, and molesting children in the name of religion so for Aaron to make a parody as he does with everyone Tyler needs to get over it. Aaron is and has been laughing all the way to the bank. And guess what he is protected by the Bill of Rights the FIRST to be exact.

  3. Being saved is not a religion it is a relationship. Anybody who loves somebody doesn’t like it when they are not revered. Even though the show was meant to “out” Tyler, Jesus was included because of Tyler’s belief. That’s why the episode was so controversal. Alot of us have relationships with Jesus Christ and that should be respected. I watch the Boondocks and it wasn’t funny to me. The creater tried to be funny but including Tyler’s beliefs to justify his success is tacky. Whatever gifts he uses to write his episodes were given from above whether he knows it or not or believes in God or not whether he uses it positively or not. I think he is better than that and even though he has a right to express himself he’s too talented to sell himself that short because he is the only one who looked bad.

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