15 Million Pounds of SpaghettiOs and Marie Callendars Recalled

Single parents all over America just screamed “What am I supposed to do for dinner now?!!”   The massive recall of SpaghettiOs and Marie Callendar Cheesy Chicken dinners are being snatched off the shelves and thrown in the trash everywhere.  There were eight different cases of Salmonella believed to be caused by the Callendar meals and 15 cases of  sickness from the SpaghettiOs.

According to the Associated Press and the Centers for Disease Control, the illnesses occurred throughout the country in  California, Colorado, Georgia, Illinois, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Missouri, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Carolina, Tennessee, Utah and Virginia. At least one of the victims was under a year old.

Now whoever fed that baby either one of these meals should be beaten within an inch of their life.  This is the very reason you wouldn’t give a baby food like this ( and most adults either).  The SpaghettiOs seem to not have been cooked at the right temperature which would cause Salmonella in the meatball sauce.

Read more about what NOT to eat here.

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