Paris Eats Bushmeat by the Ton

monkey brains

It’s been known for some time that the Parisians like their food a little exotic, but we only thought that was things like chittlins’ (sorry gotta spell it like that), escargot (snails) and caviar (fish eggs), etc.  Those are the kinds of things that some of us eat right here.  But, then they took it to another level going to the “bush” to top their present menu.  According to the journal, European cities, not just Paris, have been getting: “monkey carcasses, smoked anteater, even preserved porcupine.”

Okay so we’ve been traumatized for a couple seconds, but it gets worse than that.  The meat they’ve been trafficking can cause serious health issues along the lines of Ebola and Monkeypox.  In 2008, when they did a survey of passengers who were proposed traffickers, they found them smuggling 11 types of bushmeat that included monkeys, large rats, crocodiles, small antelopes and pangolins, or anteaters.   And almost half of the animals were on the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species.

The people of this land will never stop any criminal act until it is punished and punished severly.  Those animals are going to keep coming through customs until someone stops looking the other way and those fines and jail time penalties are extended.  Check out this story here.  You will not believe what’s on the menu.

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