Video: Oprah Talks Obama, Spill, Gives Employees of ‘O’ Big Gifts

Oprah has been under the microscope the last couple days because, well, she’s Oprah!  And people want to know what she has to say.  Remember E.F. Hutton?  Same thing.  She was caught by CNN’s Don Lemon to weigh in on how she feels President Obama is doing in the midst of the oil spill crisis and she, just as during his campaign, continues to support him.  She is boggled by the questions people have over his performance saying, “He’s the President.  He’s not supposed to get emotional … What do people want him to do?”

That’s right Oprah!  What do people want him to do? He doesn’t know a thing about oil spills and obviously the people that are supposed to (the oil companies) don’t either.  Somebody call BP, Shell, Exxon, all of them right now.  Ask them how to stop the oil leak and guess what they will say?  Exactly!  Nothing.  The line will be very quiet. 

In other Oprah news, she’s celebrating 10 years of her O magazine.  The magazine has done exceptionally well and has held its own amongst all magazines not just so-called black magazines since she opened her doors.   And to show her appreciation for the success of the magazine she walked in the other day and gave $10,000 to everyone along with an iPad.  According to USA Today, it didn’t matter how long any of them had been with the company, they all received the same gifts.  I don’t care.  I have to say this.  “Oprah?! You there?!  It’s me J.C.!  If you have any openings over there, I can be there tomorrow…thank you.”

Check her out in her interview with Don Lemon.

-J.C. Brooks

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