Black Man Pleads NOT Guilty to Kidnapping Seventh Heaven Star

Jeremy London and alleged kidnapper, Brandon Adams, 26.

Jeremy London was allegedly kidnapped and made to take drugs, but it’s ok folks… he’s fine.  Does something smell a little funny here?  There was plenty of thought and energy that went into that idea.  How many white folks are stolen and kidnapped and forced to take drugs with their local black person…show of hands?  Ok…I don’t see anyone’s hands!  Now let’s try this again but from another angle.  How many of you have seen desperate white men do something reallllly bad then say a black man did it? Wow! That many huh?!  

It may come out that this story is true, but we’re waiting to see what happens.  You may remember Jeremy London from A Party of Five or Seventh Heaven.  It appears that he was fixing his tire when several big black men walked up and demanded he get in the car and give them a ride while the BLACK MEN SHARED THEIR DRUGS WITH HIM.  In fact, MADE HIM USE THEIR DRUGS.  Interesting state of affairs.  I don’t know, maybe this is just funny to me.  I just have a hard time visualizing or conceptualizing this thing.  All of it sounds AMAZING.  One of them happened to get caught, Brandon  Adams, 26.  Let’s see what he has to say about this.  He pleaded not guilty, aow.

Well, until everything is ironed out, we wish you a safe recovery from your injuries and disorented-ness Jeremy.  Read more about the incident here.  It will help….I think.

-J.C. Brooks

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