Video: Mother Beats Stranger’s Children in Chuck E. Cheese Beatdown

What is it about Chuck E. Cheese and violence that go hand in hand?  This isn’t the first incident we’ve reported concerning mothers going wild at the establishment.  The woman in this beatdown was not identified nor was she reprimanded by the management of Chuck E. Cheese or the authorities. 

A 14-year old hispanic girl, Flavia Paredo, was snatched by the hair and clawed in the face by a mother she says was “30 something” in the Chuck E. Cheese because her autistic little 5-year old brother allegedly spit on the woman’s two daughters.

The mother of the hispanic girl doesn’t speak english but her spanish still came across pretty clear during the interview as, “If I wasn’t pregnant I would’ve whooped her ass!”  But then I think MSNBC did one of our numbers and “loosely translated” what she was saying.   She clearly  appeared to be beside herself with anger.  Check it out.

-J.C. Brooks

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