South African Country Still Committed to Apartheid

If you visit the South African country of Orania and you’re black, you might wanna back up and go the other way.  Because surely you are lost.  The country of Orania is run by Afrikaners and they only speak Afrikaans, not english.  They are still celebrating and enforcing the 17th century ways of their Dutch, French, and German descendants.  Oh, by the way, Orania is 100% white with an application process of buying a house in their community which includes the stipulation that you commit to Apartheid.

Sick right? In the 21st century there is a society that has castrated itself from the rest of us (thank God) in order to glorify the most backward way of living we’ve had the misfortune to know exists.  The Afrikaners are europeans that walked into Africa and said, “Move out of our way! This is our home now.”   Sound familiar?  The United States was taken from the Native Americans in the same way. 

When they saw that Nelson Mandela was going to be freed they panicked. Their whole way of life was getting ready to change because surely Apartheid was on its way out the door.  One of the founders of their community is the son-in-law of the architect of Apartheid, Hendrick Frensch Verwoerd. 

Aren’t you the slightest bit curious as to how a minority of people can walk into countries and take over?  Isn’t it strange that they had the power over the people that they did?  Where did it come from?  Read more about this estranged South African nation here.

4 thoughts on “South African Country Still Committed to Apartheid”

  1. Orania is a crappy place but bejeezes the facts here are wrong.

    1. Orania is a town, not a country.
    2. The vast majority of Afrikaners are not the racist twats you make them sound. In fact see the 1992 all white referendum in South Africa.

    Do some research before writing crap.

  2. Yes people differ and Yes they should have the freedom to choose, I live in SA have grown up with blacks and live in a mixed neighborhood, but would like to live with my own people and speak our language, loving your own people does not mean hating other people. Forced integration is just as Forced as Forced segregation, and rape is rape. People should have the freedom to choose either way, and is that not true freedom? For what will freedom be without choices? ! I always say Racism is not something people do, Racism is something that Governments do!! But the link you left makes the comment “a few white farmers have been murdered” he omitted that it’s a few thousand, wonder how he would feel if his family was part of the “few”.

  3. The author of this report seems to consider it a bad thing when people who are not English do not use English to communicate with one another. However, the report does not use English either (e.g. referring to “descendants” when maning “ancestors”, among other errors of speling, sintax and fact).

    Even the most superficial enquiry would have revealed to the reporter that, in fact, the South African Constitution protects the rights of minorities to ethnic self-determination and that the residents of the village of Orania are simply exercising that right.

    One would have thought that a web site catering for the opinions of black culture (meaning black American imperialist culture) would recognise the similarity with negotiated reserves for certain ethnic minorities in the USA, protected by treaties.

    If this little report is representative of the level of journalism tolerated by its readers, it is NOT to the credit of the culture it purports to serve.

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