Video: ‘Touchdown Jesus’ Struck by Lightning Burns to Ground

Ohio residents are probably feeling like the apocalypse is upon us with the recent burning of an iconic statue along I-75 in Monroe, Oh., right outside Cincinnati.  The statue is a 60 ft. tall statue of Jesus Christ affectionally referred to as Touchdown Jesus because of the way his arms are outstretched.

The statue, constructed in 2004, was hit by lightning Monday night during a thunderstorm.  Apparently, it was constructed with highly flammable materials because it burned down in minutes after being struck.  The phenomena has everyone buzzing with what this means.  Do you believe this is some sort of a sign?  What do you take from this?

-J.C. Brooks

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2 thoughts on “Video: ‘Touchdown Jesus’ Struck by Lightning Burns to Ground”

  1. There shall be none before me there shall be none after me I am the first and I am the Last I am alfa and Omega there is no savor besides Me. Thow shalt not build any Graven Images. You all do the math Gods wrath come in the forms of bad weather so who’s the liars mankind or God you tell me. Why would God allow such a thing to happen ask yourselves that question and do alot of Old testiment reading and find the name Jusus Christ clearly written in the Old Testiment just one time for me if you can. Sorry folks there is only One God and he is a Angry God when you turn your backs on him and sorry I think this is just a prime example of Gods anger for turning your backs on him and building graven images he ordered you not to build. Haven’t you ask yourselves yet why our nation just keeps suffering one bad blow after the next its not just to expose bad government, state, business and poor leadership and corruption its to show you Gods in Power here and when it comes down to it it will be Gods power wrath and love and peace that wins over whatever mankind dishes out there you can abuse and murder one another even get away with it for awhile but there comes the day of God and he is a force you can’t reckon with trust me on that one and yes there is a God look in the skys on a clear night see how the stars are always the same after thousands of yrs and in mankinds images tools and such that should be the first real clue no big bang did that God did.Its sad to see something like this burn down because of time money hope for people misguided or not but this is Gods final say he burned it down not mankind of anysort that sends up a big redflag for me and surely makes me rethink what our Holy Book is really telling us and what God is telling us.

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