Video: Seattle Officer Punches Black Woman in Face

The Seattle police department has been under fire before over their brutal tactics, but they take it in stride with little to no disciplinary action against them.  The latest story came out of nowhere yesterday when a couple of African American women were in an altercation with a white Seattle police officer over a jaywalking incident that it appears had nothing to do with either of them.

The man that saw them get into an argument with the officer and decided to start videotaping could estimate that the argument was heading toward an altercation…and he was right!  A woman jumped between the officer and another woman the officer had apprehended.  According to the police statement given about the incident, the officer feared that the woman was trying to help the other woman get away from him.  When she pulled the officer off of her, she pushed him and he fired back.

The punch he came back with was Mike Tyson-ish…a blunt, abrupt knockout punch.  You will be able to judge for yourself how much animocity had to be built up in him to hit this woman like he did.  Nothing about the incident between him and the two woman warranted his response.  Is it a matter of race?  Who knows!  But, he better hope they keep him under lock and key for a while if she has some brothers, uncles or cousins named Craig an ‘nem.

Check it out.

-J.C. Brooks

6 thoughts on “Video: Seattle Officer Punches Black Woman in Face”

  1. He had the right to defend himself. Race does not matter in these cases, if you would put yourself in his shoes what would you have done?? Used mace or a taser? Which end up causing more pain and harm than a single punch. She got what she deserved regardless of race. People just need to stop pulling the race card on everything, I’m getting sick of it. We’re all just american citizens trying to do our job, and living our lives.

  2. That dumb chick got what she deserved – you can’t push a cop dumb @$$!

  3. The first chick got her friend JACKED UP for resisting arrest. What do you dumb @$$e$ expect when your resist arrest, a kiss and a hug?

  4. Oh and WHY was some dude just happening to video tape this whole thing? I smell a set-up by a couple of broke biotches who are trying to get paid.

  5. If you listen to what was being said the girl was telling the officer to get his hands off of her. He really hand no right to touch anyone initially unless he was making an arrest. As an officer he should have been able to better handle the situation rather than punching someone in the face. After all he does have other things he could have used. Both sides were wrong in this situation.

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