Detroit’s Got Gators…Literally!

The men in the city of Detoit have enjoyed a long standing reputation for their shoes….also known as Gators.  But, now it appears that someone has taken it too far.  How did an alligator get loose in the suburb of Detroit?  Is someone trafficking gators to the Detroit Players, so they are able to keep their reputation amidst the recession.  What’s really goinz on?

The 3ft. long alligator was found roaming the streets of Trenton, Mi., which is a suburb right outside Detroit.  The next thing we’re going to hear is an alligator bust!  The police will be raiding someone’s home for making shoes with the alligators.  They can cut out the middle man and make some money while keeping the community in tact.  I hope someone’s grandfather shared the skills.

Read the full story here.

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