Baltimore Cop Kills Marine Over Flirting, Surrenders

Tyrone Brown, 32

A Baltimore police officer, Gahiji A. Tshamba, 36, went missing after he was charged with the death of a Marine outside a nightclub in Baltimore.  He allegedly shot the man, Tyrone Brown, 32, for grabbing his date’s butt inside the club.  That’s probably hearsay, but he did flirt with his date.

Tshamba was off duty and something about the flirting infuriated him causing him to shoot at Brown 13 times,  landing 9 shots into his body.  The insanity of this murder gets worse because Brown had completed two tours in Iraq without being harmed. 

Tshamba’s family depict him as a sweet guy, but he has another charge of shooting someone in the foot while he was under the influence in 2005.  He’s facing a first degree murder charge and was held without bond until Monday.

Read more details of this tragic story here.

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