Al Gore Was Cheating?

Al Gore, Larry David and Laurie David

Star Magazine claimed yesterday that they have proof that Al Gore was having an affair that caused the divorce from his wife of 40 years, Tipper Gore.  Allegedly, he got a little too close with his buddy, Larry David’s, ex-wife Laurie David.  In case you’re not certain who Larry David is, he’s the creator and writer for Seinfeld and has had a successful show of his own on HBO called “Curb Your Enthusiasm”.

According to the unnamed source for the story, the affair “couldn’t be avoided.”  The divorce even caused a trickle down effect in the Gore family.  One of their daughters were already divorced, then another announced a week after they announced their divorce that she was divorcing.  What’s going on with the Gore family?  Was the breakdown inevitable?  Had there been strife and trouble ever since Gore hung out with Clinton and he hid the infamous dress for his buddy/President? Just kidding! Don’t go looking for a story about that.

This really sounds like an episode of Larry David.  He’s got to be grinning about this.  Read Star’s supposedly true story here.

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