Video: SC Senate Nominee is Unemployed Sex Offender and ‘Plant’ by Republicans?

Alvin Greene, 32, Democratic Senate nominee for South Carolina

House Majority Whip James Clyburn (D-S.C.) is determined to get to the bottom of the confirmed nomination of a Mr. Alvin Greene for the democratic Senate seat for South Carolina.  Now, you might wonder why Rep. Clyburn has been hot on this guy’s trail calling him a “plant” of some sort, but guaranteed that after you hear the background of this guy and view the interview he did with Keith Olbermann, you will give Clyburn the green light to proceed with his investigation.  Hell! You might go out with your own hat in the street to raise money for it.

Alvin Greene, 32, came out of nowhere to win the nomination for South Carolina’s Senate seat.  Greene is unemployed, he lives with his dad and has an upcoming case in court over obscene conduct with an 18-year old on the campus of University of South Carolina.  Oh, yeah!  He was even asked to step down by Democratic Party Chairwoman, Carol Fowler, after she found out about his past.  Greene walked into a computer lab and asked an 18-year old freshman (at the time), Camille McCoy, to look at his screen which was on a pornographic website.  Of course she said, “YUCK! Get away from me, you jackass pervert!” (loosely translated) and called campus police, according to the Associated Press.  She is stunned to learn that this is the same guy who won the Democratic party’s nomination for South Carolina’s Senate seat.

And don’t forget, with him winning this nomination for the Democrats, he will come up against Sen. Jim DeMint (R.-S.C.), who it is rumored will seek the presidency in 2012.  In other words, there’s actually motive behind Greene being planted by the GOP as has been suggested.  It appears they were looking for someone to make DeMint a shoe-in for November’s race…and damn if this guy isn’t the ticket!  But, hey, Sarah Palin was able to run for Vice President of the United States of America.  The U.S. truly is a place of magic and wonder where nearly anything can happen if you try…or have a lot of money behind it.

Next! This guy attempts to clear his name (we assume) with an interview with one of the sharpest reporters in news today, Keith Olbermann.  This interview makes things even worse for him and gives further eyebrow raising and credence to James Clyburn’s request for a thorough investigation of this clown.  When you see this interview, you will see he comes off as dumb as a box of rocks.  It’s as if he was brought to the interview on the short yellow bus because clearly there’s some learning disabilities here.  There is absolutely no way in hell this guy is qualified for the position or even knows what position he’s running for.  This would be the FIRST black senator representing South Carolina and the fourth black Senator to EVER be nominated to the office.  JAMES CLYBURN FOR PRESIDENT! He’s a smart guy…and he’s not a Senator?
See this guy in action with Keith Olbermann.  It’s painful.
-J.C. Brooks

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2 thoughts on “Video: SC Senate Nominee is Unemployed Sex Offender and ‘Plant’ by Republicans?”

  1. This is BS. This guy was not a plant by Republicans. In order for him to be a plant, large numbers of Republicans would have to cross over and vote in the Democratic primary. That didn’t happen. Twice as many people voted in the Republican primary than in the Democratic primary because there were several hotly-contested races among Republicans.

    If Republicans wanted to cause mischief, they would not have invested resources in this race. Democrats did not recruit a credible candidate to run against DeMint, and they had absolutely no chance of picking up this seat. The only Democrats in this state who could have seriously challenged him are Congressmen Clyburn and Spratt, and both would have been beaten.

    I voted for Alvin Greene, even though the only thing I knew about him was that he was an unemployed veteran who refused to campaign. I did it because the Democrats’ “shoo-in” nominee, Vic Rawl, did absolutely no outreach to the Black community during the primary. He was so sure of winning that he didn’t schedule meetings with the Black press until AFTER the primary. So my vote was a protest of the Democratic party’s practice of taking the Black community for granted.

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