Baltimore City Produces Science Phenom, Receives Full Scholarship

Eon Duzant, 17-year old Junior at Baltimore's W.E.B. DuBois High School

If you’ve ever watched an episode of “The Wire”, the controversial exploitive series for Showtime that painted Baltimore City as a drug den riddled with corruption, you would have never thought Baltimore City was capable of giving the world Eon Duzant.  Duzant, 17, just participated in the Intel Science Competition in California where the judges aren’t looking for America’s next Top Model or Idol, they judge the best high school talent from all over the globe.  This is clearly the scientific big leagues, so to win is nearly a miracle…especially when you hail from the mean streets of Baltimore.

Duzant shared with Baltimore’s local CBS affiliate, channel 13 WJZ, that he built a machine that prevents “robotic failure.”  And this machine won Duzant a full-ride to Florida’s premier engineering and science institution, Florida Institute of Technology (FIT).   He’s presently a junior at W.E.B. Dubois High School and the first Baltimore city student to be a recipient of a full college scholarship at the Intel Competition in California.  He is also the first to attend college in his family.

WJZ took a statement from his mentor:  “I have never cried over a student winning a competition, but we cried on this one,” said Marvin Martin, science educator. “I see him one day becoming an aerospace engineer. I see him being a great mechanical engineer.”   Check out his story here.  Congratulations Eon Duzant!  Another glowing example of what is possible for our children no matter the financial background.

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