Mr. T Pities the Fool that Watches New A-Team Film

Mr. T hasn’t given the new A Team movie a “thumbs up” because he probably thinks that those going to see it remember the television show.  Well, we’re here to tell you Mr. T, a lot of the people spending money to see the flick do not have a clue about the real A Team and how it was brought to the small screen every week.  The 14karat gold laden muscle man of the original TV team, told WENN that the film strayed way too far off the beaten path from the original show. 

He doesn’t believe the sex and violence is necessary.  Although he realizes sex and violence sells, he just wants a lot of us to realize that him and his buddies are being misrepresented.  In 1983, when the series began, they didn’t need to go as hard as the movie does to get a rise out of their audience.  Back then, B.A. got to throw people around and knock them out with one super punch and the conflict was over.  It wasn’t necessary for everyone to die and the ladies’ man in the crew, Faceman, to end up in a steamy sex scene the whole family could enjoy.

Yes, Mr. T, unfortunately, times have changed.  It’s too bad you turned down the cameo role.  You may have been able to hang out on set and make some changes from the inside.  Check out more of Mr. T and his review here.

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