Black Child Thrown Out of School for Her Hair Oil

The black community of Seattle, Wa., is in an uproar over an eight-year old child that was removed from her school because of the oil she uses in her hair.  According to the Seattle Times, the little girl is the only black child in her advanced placement class at Thurgood Marshall Elementary.  The child’s hair oil is a popular moisturizer called Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil Moisturizing Hair Lotion.  Somehow this light oil overwhelmed her teacher and she was sent home. Since the incident, the girl has been home for 2 weeks.

In the report, it is explained that the child is moved to the hallway, then another class.  According to the girl’s father Charles Mudade, the oil in his daughter’s hair made her teacher sick.  But TWO WEEKS!?  Anything more than that day is excessive.  If the teacher could prove that she had some sort of allergy to perfumes, MAYBE this would be excused, but TWO WEEKS? Lawsuit.  The school is tongue tied on this issue. 

The larger issue is the struggle to stay in our own skin and be comfortable there.  The school has no idea what they have unearthed.  The  plight it is for her to use that oil, keep herself looking pretty and willing to keep her hair natural.  Read more about this bizarre incident here.

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