Video: Collector Loses Company $1.5 Million in Lawsuit

Finally, we see some sort of “get back” for all those times that collectors have called us in the middle of dinner, after 9pm, on a Sunday, ON OUR CELL PHONE, being belligerent or shall I say, IGNANT! about a bill.  This man, Allen Jones, will be the recipient of $1.5 million for suffering through these rants from a collector with Advanced Call Center Technologies, LLC, back in 1997.  The type of stuff on this tape recording of the collector was so bad that they wouldn’t even print it in the paper in its entirety.

Jones is happy that he received one of the largest settlements ever layed down in this type of case.  He’s really getting the last laugh in this incident because the collector was supposedly only calling about $200 owed on a credit card.  In addition to winning over a million dollars, he gets an extra $50,000 in mental anguish.  His hope is that this case sets a precedent so that no one is held hostage by IGNANT collectors again.

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