MMA Fighter Rips Out Friend’s Heart and Cooks It

Jarrod Wyatt, 26, accused of cutting out friend's heart and tongue and cooking it.

These guys seemed to whip out there Jeffrey Dahmer starter kits to get themselves in the mood for the “bout” of their life.  Two Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighters, Jarrod Wyatt, 26, and his friend Taylor Powell, 21, and a couple more friends were just hanging out taking ‘shrooms (strong hallucinogen drug) when all of a sudden the end of the world was upon them, according to the Times-Standard for Crescent City.  It was time for them to fight the devil…in one another.

Powell, according to Wyatt’s girlfriend, was scaring her and they were all battling in a convoluted night of mayhem.  But by the end of it all, Wyatt was lying in dried blood from head to toe.  Witnesses said they were in a fight between God and the devil and some tidal wave was coming to wipe out the world.  And Powell took that to mean cut out my friend’s heart and tongue out and cook his heart?  Something is not right about this story.  Well, EVERYTHING IS WRONG WITH THIS STORY!

You check it out for yourself here. MMA fighters are already commenting that it isn’t fair that the MMA is mixed into this story to somehow give them a bad reputation. One commenter going by the pseudonym MXL said, “This crime has NOTHING to do with mixed martial arts. That’s like saying all boxers are rapists ’cause Tyson was convicted.”

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