Killer Storm Opens Up Massive Sink Hole in Guatemala

Massive sinkhole opened up in Guatemala from tropical storm.

Central America was hit hard by tropical storm Agatha Memorial Day weekend.  The death toll grew to 152 Tuesday in Guatemala, 16 in Honduras and nine in El Salvador, according to CNN.  They report that another 100 people are missing in Guatemala.  Nearly 200,000 people have been displaced and/or living in shelters.

But, the most eerily, devastating aspect of this storm is the after effects.  The massive hole left in the center of Guatemala looks like a gateway to hell.  It looks endless and of another world.  Imagine standing next to it and looking down.  Unimaginable.  On top of the storm, Guatemala suffered a volcanic eruption that left three people dead from the rock blown by the volcano.

Read here for further details and a larger picture of the hole to nowhere.

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