Video: Indians Pitcher Gets Knocked Out By A-Rod

David Huff knocked out by A-Rod hit.

In Saturday’s game, the New York Yankees came just a little too hard against the Cleveland Indians.  Alex Rodriguez, also known as A-Rod, was at the plate for the Yankees when David Huff wound up for the Cleveland Indians with what must’ve been a boomerang ball.

A-Rod cracked it…right upside Huff’s head! It bounced off his head like it hit cement and bounced out toward second base.  Huff’s knees buckled and his legs went under his body as though he had been knocked unconscious, but according to Huffington Post, he didn’t lose consciousness at all.

When A-rod took off to run, he noticed something was wrong from the beginning.  He threw a hand up and seemed to go into prayer while looking on from afar.  Huff is being held in the hospital for observation.  Watch the disturbing footage here:

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