Farrakhan’s Security vs. President Obama’s

President Obama flew his family home to Chicago for the Memorial day weekend.  He obviously wanted to be comfortable and get a little relaxation for the holiday, but of course he keeps a routine.  He went for an 80-minute workout first thing in the morning and on to something else.  But later on, he was ready for barbecue.

As he went to Marty Nesbitt’s home (a close friend and neighbor), there was  a little back and forth going on between Minister Louis Farrakhan’s security team and President Obama’s secret service.  It was an ongoing dispute over the press and being on the grass.  But the part of the grass they were on appears to belong to the city.  Obviously Farrakhan’s home is in close proximity…right across the street from the Obama’s.  Now, that’s interesting, especially with all the problems he’s had for being affiliated with Rev. Jeremiah Wright!

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