Glenn Beck Mocks President Obama’s Daughter

Glenn Beck is such a waste of air, space, and energy.  Fox has to keep him on there network though because he’s the true definition and lifeblood of the network’s news programming.  He has yet to have anything of note to say, but then he overstepped his boundaries the other day by talking using President Obama’s daughter Malia as a part of a joke.

He is mocking her having a conversation with her Daddy about the oil leak and why he hates black people?  Where is Ed Lover when you need him to say, “C’mon Son!”  This guy has no idea how connected the President still is to his Chi-town community.  As Wayne Brady would say, “Is the President gonna have to have slap a bitch?”  You don’t bring anyone’s kids into any kind of fight, political or otherwise.  This is something Beck is supposedly a firm believer on.

Jason Linkins gives a thorough commentary on Huffington Post about the hypocrite that Beck really is.  He only believes in bringing children into the fight when it’s someone “Glenn Beck doesn’t like.”  Read it and hear the audio of Beck here.  Linkins also provides a transcript if you can’t make out everything on the recording.

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