Video: Woman Left Sleeping on Locked Plane

When people travel, a lot of times, they are so tired they plan on using the train, plane, or bus ride for sleeping.  They get in, adjust themselves and its lights out!  Well, this woman will probably never do that again.  Ginger McGuire was on a United Express flight from D.C. to Philadlephia when she realized she had slept through the flight, drinks, snacks, and it was nearly 4am.

The flight attendants are usually rushing people out of the plane and ransacking each set of seats making sure you’re not there along with any of your stuff.  They are tired of getting cursed out by passengers that have left their belongings behind.  But not this time. McGuire has gone out and got herself a lawyer to get to the bottom of this mess.  (Folks get lawyers FAST these days!)

The monetary amount of the lawsuit hasn’t been revealed, but she better keep it simple…THIS IS A RECESSION!

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