Bits & Pieces: Oprah Ends Angel Network/Mariah Pulls Out on Tyler Perry

Everyone knows by now that Oprah Winfrey has decided to wrap her show up in June of 2011.  So, for now, she’s doing everything she can to end things that might have any tie to the show.  The charity (or outreach project) she founded in 1998, The Angel Network, is closing its doors for good as well.  To the dismay of all those who have been helped by it or have worked for it, the Network will be closing up shop as well. She has chosen to end the network, but maybe she will open something far more vast that will help even more people.  It’s hard to think of what she could have up her sleeve that will do more than the $80 million in assistance that she hs given already.  Good luck Oprah!

On another note that was equally confusing when we heard about it was Mariah Carey’s decision to drop a project she has been doing with Tyler Perry.  Mrs. Nick Cannon hasn’t been forthcoming with much information about her decision which has left too much room for the media to speculate and/or inject whatever punch line they want.  As you may have already guessed, reports that the multi-grammy winning artist may be pregnant are already beginning.  If it’s true, we will hear TP give her his best very soon.  Check out the report here:

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