Video: Goth Lip Synch Competition to Whitney Houston?

We may have to make a new category ladies and gentleman!  We’re going to call it WTF Is This? Because this one is bizarre.   They define the video as creepy and that is an understatement.  It appears that the event takes place in the Phillipines and they obviously have a strange way of entertaining themselves.  Why would anyone want to have a lip synch competition like this one.  It is unreal and spooky.

You’ll wonder if they are trying to make a statement about Whitney Houston coming out of drug use and wanting to take care of her baby.  We really don’t know.  But, this cryptic performance is a lip sync of Whitney’s classic “I’ll Always Love You.”  There’s absolutely NO rhyme nor reason to what you’re getting ready to see.  Maybe you know something about this that we don’t.  Check it out:

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