50 Cent is Down to 25 Cent with Weight Loss for New Movie

A friendship with Paris Hilton’s clique seems to be payin’ off for 50 Cent.  It appears that the once buff, big man on the block rapper has taken some notes from those anorexic chicks to look sickly for his role in “Things Fall Apart”.  The movie is about a man living with cancer.  Hence, the new look.  But be warned ladies, you may be alarmed at the new look.

He’s going to have a lot of fun beefing back up and getting in on the  next role he goes out for in Hollywood or the rap game.   But for now, check him out here.  It may just freak you out if you’re a real fan.   It’s freakin’ me out and I’m not a big fan.

One thought on “50 Cent is Down to 25 Cent with Weight Loss for New Movie”

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