Who Let the ‘Moms’ Out?

There is a website totally dedicated to the elite group of 40-something year old women trying to find out if they still have it.  For a lot of them, they lost it a long time ago, but they’re hoping someone will pick it up.  There’s everything here from Lil’ Kim “eagle” poses to Barbie parties in pink.  These folks are really taking the “40 is the new 20” rule completely out of context.

And there are some people that have great cell phone cameras with the soul intention of catching  your “mom” in the wrong position.  When you see some of the dance moves, you will question if they are really dancing…or is something else being caught on film.  Yikes!  And it really doesn’t help to hope that they are younger than 40 because that makes it even more devastating to watch.  Our future is out there bobbing up and down on the dance floor getting slapped, flipped and rubbed down…oh no. 

See it all for yourself at the yourmomisclubbin website.

3 thoughts on “Who Let the ‘Moms’ Out?”

  1. Eeeeeewwww!

    This is just sick. I mean the whole idea of trying to be 20 sumthin’ again .

  2. I don’t think there’s much that can be said for this one. lol All I did was shake my head. Wow.

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