Jokey Joke: Little Girl’s Cooking Show Goes REALLY Wrong

There are some of you that will say, “You are so wrong for putting this up!  You should be ashamed!”  But most of you will probably not comment and laugh till you cry.  We feel bad for putting this up, but at the same time we thought it was pretty harmless.  At least WE HOPE AND PRAY that no one was hurt in the filming of this episode of some little child’s cooking show.

There is one little girl who is trying to guide her audience through making a fruit salad when what appears to be an assistant (or little sister) shows up to help out. She reminds her big sister that she “forgot the blueberries,” but the blueberries are already in the bowl.  When big sis goes for another ingredient all hell breaks loose!  Big sis is genuinely scared out of her wits by what occurs next.

Check it out:

3 thoughts on “Jokey Joke: Little Girl’s Cooking Show Goes REALLY Wrong”

  1. You’re right; I did laugh. lol But that was cute, and I’m sure the little one is a-ok. Happens every day, all day, all around the world, I’m sure.

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