Wrongfully Accused Man Freed After 35 Years in Prison…AGAIN!

It appears that over 30 years ago, there wasn’t anything on the streets but racist, lazy cops that were busy putting black men behind bars for crimes they did not commit.  They didn’t do the real work it took to really crack crimes withouth DNA testing that they drastically needed. James Bain, 54, has been imprisoned since 1974 because they believed he raped a 9-year old boy.

The outside world must be like another universe to all these men that have been freed over the last year.  Bain was released in December and is living with his mother in Tampa, Fla.  He will receive a hefty sum for all of his days spent behind bars, but nothing will compensate him for 35 years of his life being spent in a cage knowing he was innocent. 

What does it feel like to be wrongfully accused?  Do you know?  Do you remember when you would try to explain something that happened and your parents dismissed it knowing they had the answer?  Remember, how hurt your feelings were?  Magnify that by 12,775…the amount of days he’s spent behind bars.  Well, we salute you Mr. Bain and pray that the 1.75 million they owe you will help.

Read his story here.

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