Paula’s Back!

Paula Abdul gave the middle finger to American Idol and proceeded to exit left from the show last season to bounce into a lot of great opportunities.  The highly coveted free agent started fielding offers immediately. Anyone would have to admit that being the meat in the judge sandwich between Randy and Simon was getting to be a bit old hat for her.  She hosted a show or two here and there, but now, according to the Hollywood Reporter, she’s getting the opportunity to host an ongoing reality show called “Got To Dance”. 

The show will be an “all-ages talent competition”  for the best dancer or maybe even dance troupe.  The show will begin on CBS sometime next year.  The show is similar to a British show that has had great success.  But, aren’t you tired of all these “Mama I Gotta Sing” type talent shows?  If they all stopped running tomorrow it would be like a dream come true.  The reality television circuit is boiling over with T.I. and Lil’ Wayne’s finacee/ex wife/wife show Tiny and Toya, then you got Brandy & Ray J’s mess, then we gotta find the girlf from TLC, Chili, a man, then there’s America’s Best Dance Crew, American Idol, on and on and on. 

But good luck Paula!  Hopefully one of the other shows would’ve fell off and made room for your show by next year. It’s being rumored that she’s going to appear on the finale of this year’s American Idol.  Simon is supposed to be making his exit left as well, so it’s only fitting that she show up and SMACK HIM!  Now THAT would be entertaining!

Read more on Paula and her show here.

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