Brittany Murphy Dead, Now Husband

The late Brittany Murphy and Simon Monjack

How does the song go, Keith?  “Somethin’ somethin’…somethin’ somethin’ just ain’t right!  It just ain’t right!”  Brittany Murphy died in her home in December from a number of things related to her respiratory system.  And now, five months later, her husband is found dead in their home.  The media tried to insinuate foul play may have been the cause of Murphy’s death, giving numerous reports on her husband having a shady past…one that may have caught up with him.

Immediately after Murphy died, the New York Daily News gave a detailed report on the mostly unknown husband, Simon Monjack, 39, that revealed a sharp financial contrast to hers, as well as problems with immigration.  In the report, they showed a mortgage and banking company, Coutts and Co., sued Monjack for $470,132 in 2006, which he finally paid back in 2008.  They mentioned an eviction and how Murphy was fired on the set of “The Caller” for being “difficult” along with her husband arguing with the crew and “causing trouble.”

Monjack didn’t want an autopsy performed on his wife to determine the cause of death either.  But the autopsy was alerady in progress.  Surely, an autopsy will be performed on him and then we will see if the plot thickens.  Read more on the late Simon Monjack here.

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