Texas Teacher that Beat Up Child Responds

Houston teacher, Sheri Davis, 40

The Houston Charter school teacher, Sheri Davis, went on Good Morning America to clear up and/or give her side of the story of the incident we reported last week regarding her beating up a 13-year old student.  She has been terminated by the school and the sheriff’s department is now contemplating pressing charges against her for her actions.  Davis says there’s a lot more to the story than what was caught on video…which we already assumed.

As you may or may not know from previous reports, Jamie’s House is a school for children with disciplinary issues and the day is filled with incidents of violence.  According to Davis in her GMA interview, some of the children have criminal records and the teachers are expected to come up against these hostile students without any type of assistance.  When she describes the day of the incident, she said it started off with chaos.  She had to intervene in a fight between a 16-year old boy and a 13-year old girl “minutes before” the incident with the student where she simply “snapped.”

Davis said that she heard a door slam and lock and when she looked in the room there was a white girl with special needs (that had just been admitted to the school) being surrounded by a predominantly African American group of children taunting her.  She was infuriated.  She said that the boy she assaulted, Isaiah Reagins, was standing in front of the girl “bouncing around in a threatening, bullying position.”  The rest is history.  A lot of people, after hearing her response, will understand her position.  Check out the interview here.

-J.C. Brooks

10 thoughts on “Texas Teacher that Beat Up Child Responds”

  1. I feel badly for the teacher, child and all involved. You can see things differently after hearing the teacher speak. I wouldn’t wish that situation upon my worst enemy. Maybe she does love kids, but, just doesn’t need to work with them.

  2. Give the teacher a break. Finally someone stands up to this bad kids. I’m sick of parents not doing their jobs. That boy deserved it. The teacher did the right thing.

  3. this kid it was stated had a criminal record and was known to hit students and other teachers. sounds like he found somebody that was going to “teach” him a lesson.
    i have two problems with this situation, one – it lasted only a minute and two – she should have rounded up all the cell phones.

  4. i went to high school with this young lady. she was very nice, polite, mild mannered and very quiet.

  5. Sounds like this woman was set up for failure. The boy deserved a good whipping or caning. This is what happens when there is no father to put the boy in his place. The sounds like not a good one. The kid is going to end up in prison when he is eighteen and when he is getting gang raped he is going to wish more teachers had given him more whippings.
    If a teacher or policeman gave my kid a spanking I would give him another one for give them cause, thank the teacher or policeman and tell them to do it again if they have a reason for doing so.
    corporal punishment should be allowed in all school like this one. A school in SC instituted a system of corporal punishment and it worked perfectly as a deterrent. 90% of discipline problems disappear and maybe only one kid in six months got a spanking. It is stupid to call spanking or smacking a kid on the back of the head, child abuse and to use corporal punishment correctly then you might up is once in six months top. The mother of this kid obviously fail to do so and will see him is prison some day.

  6. I am glad she did what she did – and his mother and/or father should have did the same when he got home. Teachers just don’t make up stuff – The kid is in this school because of his behavior, so this is nothing new – If the teacher didn’t kick his butt, the kid would have probely tried to kick the teachers butt. Hopefully this kid will learn.

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