American Gangster’s Wife Arrested on Drug Charges at 70

The movie American Gangster was inspired by 1970’s kingpin, Frank Lucas.  He’s been immortalized by the underworld in their Crime Hall of Fame as one of the biggest drug dealers in U.S. history.  But he was only big in money and street rep.  He was quite short on smarts.  His profound level of ignorance to the position he really played in the game of crime resulted in his imprisonment.   He was sentenced to 40 years and his wife Julianna Farrait received five years for her role in his criminal endeavors.

And now, she’s back again.  Maybe Farrait, 70, has Alzheimer’s and thinks that she’s back on the blocks of Harlem as Lucas’ piece of eye candy making unheard of amounts of money in the drug game.  Because who would have ever guessed that nearly 40 years later the New York Daily News would flash her across their pages arrested for pushin’ kilos of cocaine somewhere in a hotel room in Puerto Rico?  Maybe Lucas wasn’t the real kingpin.  Maybe she was the lack of brains behind their operation.  She might be the woman Common talks about in Testify.  She did only get five years.  Remember Kemba Smith?  She got about 25 years for being the girlfriend to a “kingpin.”

So what was on Mrs. Lucas’ mind?  At 70 years old, what are they going to do with you and two kilos?  She’s an old drug czar’s girlfriend!  They’re going to throw the bookcase at her!  Given enough time, she may very well die behind bars.  Check out the details here.  Good luck with that Mrs. Lucas.

-J.C. Brooks

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