Video: 87-Year Old Grandma Caught Selling Crack

Ola Mae Agee, 87....crack dealer?

The ancestors of this elder have to be turning in their graves. She has seen the faces of slavery and have touched their hands and is behaving this way?  It is unbelievable that an 87-year old grandma, Ola Mae Agee, in Pensacola, Fl., living on MARTIN LUTHER KING Blvd., would be selling crack out of her house. But, maybe this is just shocking to us.  Maybe this is something that is a regular thing in "new" America.

Because in "new" America anything goes.  The youngest grandchild could've had her shoveling rock out of her house.  Or maybe she was the victim of gangs in her neighborhood that were forcing her to sell it.  Or maybe her SSI check was simply not enough, so she went out and found a distributor.  Who knows?  But whatever the case may be, it is an atrocity that should penetrate all of us, no matter how numb we've become and make us want to find out.

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