Video: Baby Found In Street By Bus Driver

Bus driver's view of baby in the road from his dashboard cam.

The Gonzalez family of San Antonio, Tx., is still on edge about an incident that happened last May with their daughter Destiny Flores.  She was nothing more than a baby in diapers back then, when a bus driver found her in the street outside her home.  The family lives on a busy street where the bus driver’s assistance thwarted what could’ve been a tragic set of events.  But the bus driver was not able to save them from Social Services.

The Department of Social Services stepped in and temporarily removed the child and her sisters from the home.  Their mother, Catherine Gonzalez, is the mother of three little girls.  Their dad has been removed from the home for allegations of drug use and domestic abuse.  Gonzalez still does not know how her, now 2-year old daughter, was able to get out the front door of their home.  A local NBC report gives more information about the set of circumstances Gonzalez faces now.

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