Video: White Philly Cop Claims Black Man Shot Him, Later Confesses

Former Sgt. Robert Ralston...THE LIAR!

Either someone is a white supremacist or someone was in a neighborhood doing something they had no business.  Something happened the night Sgt. Robert Ralston shot himself.  That’s right!  He shot himself!  But in his initial account of the events, he told the world that a black man had shot him in a predominantly black neighborhood of Philadelhipa called Overbrook.  He said he was confronted by two men and one ran, but the other shot him.

It isn’t clear whether he tried to claim that the two black men were trying to rob him, assault him, or  what they were doing to him, but the result was a gunshot to the shoulder…grazing the shoulder.  A massive manhunt broke out because one of Philly’s own had been shot.  Surely, it had become open season on every black man in the Overbrook section of the city with the $10,000 reward that was issued for any information leading to the apprehension of the black male suspect.

Now, Chief Charles Ramsey is outraged at Ralston’s confession to shooting himself.  Ramsey knew something was wrong with the story when the gun residue left on his shirt matched Ralston’s own gun.  But my outrage comes from the punishment chosen for Ralston.  He will only lose his job of 21 years with no prosecution.  This was the deal Ramsey gave him to get him to confess. 

But, I’m sorry, there has to be a much bigger story here for someone to throw away 21 years of service.  Sounds like a modern day rendition of Rosewood may have jumped off?  Was he in the Overbrook community with his secretly stashed black woman when he was identified by one of his colleagues? Or was there a lover’s spat between him and her and she tried to shoot him and grazed his shoulder with his own service revolver?   That sounds like something that could have made him concoct a story this ludicrous to cover up how he got shot in this neighborhood.  Who knows?  Only the white man knows.  Check out the report here.

-J.C. Brooks

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